Corporate Entrepreneurship – Interview with Sunnie Groeneveld

The need for corporate entrepreneurship has become more and more important in order to stay in the game. In reality, corporate organizations are dealing with problems that arise from controlling processes, corporate culture and in-the-box-thinking. How can they overcome these hurdles? How to find a different approach, what’s the secret ingredient of startups? Corporate Startup Summit tries to find these answers. Therefore we are introducing particular speakers to give you deep insights about what they do and what they will teach.

Singularity – Between Science Fiction and close future!

When talking about innovations, you often hear terms like digitalization, IoT (internet of things) or artificial intelligence. I often read about the term “singularity” in the same context. But what does it really mean? What influence can singularity have on our daily lives? Is it only science fiction or really close future?