Corporate Entrepreneurship – Veaceslav Driglov

The need for corporate entrepreneurship has become more and more important in order to stay in the game. In reality, corporate organizations are dealing with problems that arise from controlling processes, corporate culture and in-the-box-thinking. How can they overcome these hurdles? How to find a different approach, what’s the secret ingredient of startups? Corporate Startup Summit tries to find these answers. Therefore we are introducing particular speakers to give you deep insights about what they do and what they will teach.


Veaceslav Driglov
Veaceslav Driglov

Veaceslav Driglov is an experienced Business Innovation Manager at Daimler AG and an expert in building up startups. Through his career at major companies and startup accelerators, he gained proficient knowledge in how to bring corporates and startups together and help them grow side-by-side.

Mr. Driglov, thanks for having you! What is your first thought when you think about Corporate Entrepreneurship?

I think it’s the future of digital transformation and it is an effective and efficient part of it. It has to be studied, understood, processed and then implemented.


What in your opinion is the biggest challenge regarding Business Innovation in global companies?

I think it’s the culture we face. Coming from a corporate company, we have a very strong and a very well defined structure. When you’re trying to be innovative, when you are trying to be disruptive it means that you are changing or sometimes ruining some of their basic, fundamental tiers of this structure or the culture. Sometimes it is well accepted, but sometimes people might not be very happy that you are changing the whole setup.


As you are an experienced entrepreneur – if you had to give one single advice on corporate entrepreneurship, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid, take risk, but be mindful at the same time.


What was your best experience at the Corporate Startup Summit so far?

Oh, I learned a new word yesterday. We are starting a new corporate accelerator program and we were trying to identify what type of program it is. We thought it was just a regular accelerator. Yesterday I learned a new word: It’s a Skunk Works Accelerator. I’m pretty excited about that. Everyday you learn something new.

Christoph Kornstaedt

After a successful undergraduate study in General Business Administration with a major in innovation-management, Christoph Kornstädt could build up extensive practical experience in the fields of Marketing, PR and Web-Development. He now uses this knowledge to support Safari and to enhance the Content Marketing department. Moreover he is responsible for Growth Hacking approaches and is studying International Business Studies as a graduate study.